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Jiná hudba - Czech Experimental and Progressive Compilation 2LP


- 2LP in gatefold package cover
- 8 bands - Blachut, Masáž, Ohne Stunde Minuten, eá, Mankurt, Duobetic Homunkulus, Massola, Nachttante
- handnumbered to 500 copies
- includes small booklet from each band and yum code for digital download on Bandcamp
Jiná hudba is a first release from Dysphoricam Audio productions, a Czech underground label which will focus on releasing unique, non-traditional compilations of various music genres, especially everything close to prog, math, kraut, zeuhl, freejazz, technical/progressive/avantgarde metal, indie/post etc. This 2LP contains songs from 8 bands from different towns of Czech republic, everything is new and unreleased material.
LP1 - A
1. Blachut - Intro/Smysl
2. Masáž - Leden
3. Masáž - Únor
4. Masáž - Březen
5. Masáž - Duben
6. Masáž - Květen
7. Masáž - Červen
8. Masáž - Červenec
9. Masáž - Září
10. Masáž - Říjen
11. Masáž - Listopad
12. Masáž - Prosinec
LP1 - B
1. Ohne Stunde Minuten - OSMinut
2. eá - Phill Et
3. eá - Phakt Amt
LP2 - C
1. Mankurt - Nícení struků
2. Mankurt - Od strojů
3. Duobetic Homunkulus - Oharky železa
4. Duobetic Homunkulus - Fotosyntéza
LP2 - D
1. Massola - Aokigahara
2. Massola - Hekatombé
3. Massola - 11 Cutting Moments
4. Massola - Tinnitus Report
5. Nachttante - sturmlineführer

Blachut (Brno) - a quartet with some ex-members of Brno legendary accord-core band Maso. Blachut describe their style as kraut-core. The music itself is very heavy and neurotic, with loud bass, unforgettable accordeon and original vocal style, but also very poetic and mindful. Featured song and an intro follows Blachut's almost secret debut LP from 2016.
Masáž (Prachatice) - a trio with some members of legendary grind/hc band Gride, together with acoustic guitar virtuoso Ivan Boreš. They play alternative/acoustic music with grindcore drive. Their material contains 12 short songs as an orchestrated poetry opus, named as months in calendar, with lyrics taken from the poetry book "Nekonečný kalendář" from famous Czech poet J.H. Krchovský.
Ohne Stunde Minuten (Most) - OSM is one from endless name mutations of Eine Stunde Merzbauten, a noise/industrial/jazz project with founding member of former Czech industrial/noise legend Napalmed. Before recording I told them that they should record about 8 minutes of something. So they did it. Unique as usual.
eá (Suchá) - long time active three-piece group of kind and introvert souls. eá play something very math, very prog, with almost a zeuhl passion and joy of creativity. Two new songs recorded after a long period of silence after their debut CD Ante-eó.
Mankurt (Lázně Bohdaneč) - fresh new band with 2 skillful and enthusiastic musicians, known from various Czech bands such as Altvater Gebirge or Lionel Dixit. Two songs on this compilation are their first physical record ever. Mankurt play unbelievably energic mathcore admiring everything connected with machineries and factories, with strong lyrics sung in Czech language.
Duobetic Homunkulus (Brandýs nad Labem - Stará Boleslav) - DH are a bizarre duo with ex-member of famous Czech grindcore band !T.O.O.H.!. DH play unique kind of technical/avantgarde death metal with great lyrics celebrating their endless love for mechanical engineering, gearwheels, masters of the universe etc. Two new songs were recorded after longer period of being on-hold.
Massola (Ostrava) - legendary freejazz/grind duo with virtuoso-saxophonist Áda and the drummer Wiki from various Czech grind/power violence legends such as Social Deformity, Sheeva Yoga etc. Massola loves Naked City and everything which is more free than the most free freejazz music in the world. Four new songs, fresh and free.
Nachttante (Brno) - creative duo which plays something slower and doomer, as an ending of the compilation. Nachttante describe their music as an instrumental dark/sludge/jazz, which may fit, but it's really better to listen to them than to describe it in words. Brand new song, repetitive, slow, loud and doomy. Great closing for the whole compilation.

Jiná hudba means "Different music", which describes the whole compilation perfectly. It' s a mixture of various but related music genres, which are somethimes more difficult to digest - such as math rock, prog rock, technical metal, freejazz etc.

All tracks were recorded by each band in different studios during 2019. Final mastering was made by Tomáš Vtípil during 2020.
LP artwork was made by me with the help of my wife during the first wave of covid pandemic, 2020.
The LP also contains small booklet from each band.

Josef, Dysphoricam Audio productions